'Justice League' Death Of Superman TV Spot Released

With Justice League now in theaters, an all-new TV spot was released that offers a glimpse of the memorial held in Superman's honor. You can check out the TV spot above.

At the end of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman (Henry Cavill) sacrificed himself in order to destroy Doomsday. His plan was successful, but this left a giant void in the DC Extended Universe, with Batman (Ben Affleck) seemingly being the only hero actively trying to stop crime. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) was happy to intervene when there was trouble, with the above TV spot showing Batman trying to encourage Wonder Woman to join him in rounding up other heroes in the world to stop an incoming threat.

Fans might have been disappointed that Superman died in Batman v. Superman, yet we knew his death wouldn't last long, especially with the final moments of that film featuring dirt rising up out of his grave. How, when and why the Man of Steel would return to the DCEU was the biggest mystery, which Justice League answers.

Despite Cavill being the second-billed actor in the movie, Warner Bros. attempted to keep Cavill out of the spotlight for as long as they could as to allow the character's mystique to build. The actor recently took to Instagram to share his gratitude with the fans.

"To you the fans, what can I say...you are incredible, amazing, wonderful people and for you I am endlessly grateful," Cavill wrote. "Thank you. These Superheroes that we play are you and you are them. Your passion, your patience, your belief in the magic is why I do what I do. Thank you all for coming and for your support. Being on this journey with you is special beyond words." Cavill concluded with the hashtags "Justice League," "Hope," "Superman" and "You."

You can see how Superman makes his return in Justice League, in theaters now.

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