The Batman: New Toy Promo Art Reveals New Look at Batmobile

Some new toy promo art from The Batman revealed a look at Robert Pattinson's Batmobile. The cool car was an absolute hit from the moment it got introduced on social media. Seeing it rev up during the trailer at DC FanDome 2020 was a highlight as well. Some people might prefer Michael Keaton's more dramatic ride or Christian Bale's menacing tank. But, the classic muscle car look is a great way to convey that Matt Reeves' movie won't be simply re-treading the films that came before it. This is some new flavor coming to the DC Comics franchise. A Hot Wheels toy might not be the best indication of what the large-size one will look like rolling. However, it gets the general idea. The new Batmobile is heavily indebted to the kind of American muscle car aesthetic that makes you believe that a younger Bruce Wayne would have been tooling around with before he aged as Batman. Check out the Reddit post down below:

During DC FanDome, Reeves explained his process. "One of the things you have to do is you have to design a bat suit, you have to design a Batmobile you have to have a Batcave you have to have that like all of the things that he's going to have," Reeves detailed. "And so, you know, for me that's been one of the exciting things and that happened even before we were quite done with the last iteration of the script you know we don't, we've already gone through passes and it was quite clear what the vision of the world was being while I'm writing."

"This Batcave, the Batmobile, and the bat suit, they took a long time, you know… And we, we worked in the designing of it again, as I was writing in the idea of him being able to fight in it," he continued. "And so they started illustrating and I'd say, I'd say we spent easily, a year to do the bat suit and then to get into the Batmobile and that of course, that part's a dream, I mean you know you start the idea of getting to do your own version of the Batmobile is like you just kind of like that."

"That's the incredible candy, right? like the telling of the story is the hard work and trying to make sure that you're doing the right thing, Reeves added. "And then when you get to dive into the idea of this car that again feels connected to this version of the character a grounded version of the character, this is something that he built and to try and look at those kinds of rough seams and imagine how that works. It's a, it's been incredible sort of gift to be able to do that."


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