Concept Artist Teases Involvement In Redesigning Batmobile For Matt Reeves

Matt Reeves' Batman film is starting to coalesce into something a bit more tangible with the casting of Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight, who will officially pick up the baton from Ben Affleck's run on Batman that started in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now that Reeves has his Batman we are pretty sure somewhere a design document has ideas for the new version of Batman's iconic ride the Batmobile, and we might just have a better idea now of who is working on the Dark Knight's trademark vehicle thanks to a conversation on Instagram, which indicates it could be concept artist Ash Thorp.

Thorp has worked on a variety of projects that integrate technology in new and inventive ways, including Ender's Game, Blade Runner 2049, RoboCop, Assassin's Creed, and Ghost In The Shell, making him a perfect candidate to take on the new Batmobile, which itself has had a variety of interpretations over the years.

This all started with a post on Instagram where Thorp posted a thank you to Nura for providing him some slick headphones to work to, and you can see that post below.

"The kind people of Nura have graced me with a pair of their next level headphones. Most of you know that music is a huge part of my life. I attribute most of my work to music that influences me while I create. It's really hard to put into words just how incredible the Nuraphone listening experience is. This is obviously a sponsored post but I would openly share and praise the nuraphones regardless. It's just that amazing and if your into high fidelity sound you really need to give these a try. Thank you kind people of Nura Phone for this amazing gift and addition to my life :). #whatsyoursound @nurasound 📸 by @jasonencabo".

(Photo: Instagram)

Things got interesting though when a fan asked "Hi @ashthorp . Was wondering if you're also working on a new design for a certain legendary black vehicle", which also included a Bat emoji.

Thorp got the gears turning when he responded "perhaps" alongside a black heart emoji.

It would see that Thorp is at least teasing he's working on the car, though that hasn't been confirmed by WB or Reeves. Still, going by his past work, we could see a sleeker version of the vehicle when compared to past versions. The previous Batmobile was a nice mix of style and functionality, though it had a heavy amount of artillery. The Nolan version was a much more militaristic and practical take, though it could do much more than its outward appearance. Before that was the perhaps overly sleek version of the car from Batman and Robin, though we're sure that version has its fans too.


You can find more from Thorp on Instagram and his official website.

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