The Dark Knight Stuns In 'Batman Born Of Blood' Art Print

If you've got some wall space and happen to be a fan of the Dark Knight, Quantum Mechanix has the perfect gift for you.

Quantum Mechanix, makers of the adorable Q-Figs, is offering something a bit more adult with their Batman Born of Blood art print. The new print features the hands of Martha and Thomas Wayne lying on the ground towards the top of the page. A trailing puddle of blood comes flows from Thomas while stray pearls form a line from Martha, collecting into a crimson colored Gotham skyline.

IN the midst of that sky flys a stunning Batman, with cape unfurled and a trail of bats following behind him. It's not exactly the cheeriest poster, but it is gorgeous. This, of course, recreates Batman's famous origin story, where a young Bruce Wayne loses both of his parents after an attempted mugging in a Gotham City alley. Wayne is then raised by Alfred, and trains throughout his youth to eventually become the Dark Knight fans know and love.

The print was drawn and colored by the British artist Doaly, and you can find more of his work on Twitter and his official website.

(Photo: QMx)

As for the print itself, you can purchase that here. The print is limited to 500 and is available for $49.95.

You can find a preview of the image above, and the official description is included below.

"Batman soars over a crimson pool of his parents' blood, his mother's pearls scattered by a murderous mugger in this limited-edition lithograph of the Dark Knight's tragic origin story.This Master Series Fine Art Print from QMx is printed on museum-grade, metallic card stock and embossed with the QMx logo for authenticity. QMx is proud to offer Born of Blood, a hand-drawn design featuring DC Comics' Batman from British artist Doaly."

You can find the size details below.

24 in wide x 36 in high

98-lb, metallic cover stock.


The Batman Born Of Blood art print is available now.