Batwoman Recap: Everything You Missed in "Time Off For Good Behavior"

We're officially in the second half of Batwoman's second season, and it's pretty safe to say that there's a lot of ground left to be covered. The hit The CW series has multiple major plotlines left to be explored, ranging from the ongoing journey of Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) putting her stamp on the Batwoman mantle, to the fight against Black Mask (Peter Outerbridge) and the False Face Society, to the impending return of a "revamped" Kate Kane (Wallis Day). This week's episode, "Time Off For Good Behavior", definitely advanced all of those plotlines — and a whole lot more.

If you need to catch up on the most essential details and storylines from Batwoman's latest episode, we're here to help. Here are the biggest reveals and Easter eggs from "Time Off For Good Behavior." Obviously, spoilers for Season 2, Episode 10 of Batwoman, "Time Off For Good Behavior", below! Only look if you want to know!


Batwoman continues to fight the False Face Society, targeting distribution centers for Snake Bite and trying to get Black Mask's identity. Batwoman then publicly calls out Black Mask on the news, vowing to track him down. Luke tells Ryan that her latest efforts are going viral. Ryan asks about the comment Black Mask made about Batwoman killing his daughter, and Luke says that doesn't narrow anything down because Kate never killed anyone as Batwoman. He then jokes that Black Mask would blame The Crows next — or maybe even Aquaman.

Ryan visits Angelique in prison, and asks her to confess the truth and be set free. That night, Ryan and Mary attend the opening of the community center they helped Jordan open, where she is confronted by Horton Spence, a journalist from the Gotham Gazette wondering if the center will be safe. At the mixer afterwards, the center is attacked by someone with a "lightning gun," who the city nicknames as Kilovolt. The Bat Team looks up Horton Spence and learn that he was fired by the Gazette months prior, and suspect he could be Kilovolt.

Batwoman confronts Horton, who reveals that there's been a string of community centers being destroyed throughout Gotham, and that his investigation into it led to him being fired from the Gazette. Kilovolt then attacks them both, injuring Horton. Batwoman brings Horton to Mary's hospital, and brings the lightning gun to Luke, who tracks the fingerprints on it to a man named Mickey K — a prisoner who has been locked up for the past two years. Ryan meets with Mickey K in prison, and finds that he has a scar matching the one Batwoman gave Kilovolt. Ryan then visits Angelique and gets her to confess, and promises that she won't let Black Mask hurt her. Meanwhile, Black Mask confronts and tortures his False Face Society members because of the lack of Snake Bite being produced. Ryan asks Sophie to help get Angelique out of jail.

Luke determines that Mickey K did escape from prison, and that the for-profit prison itself is paroling prisoners if they destroy community centers. Batwoman confronts the owner of the prison, who admits to his crimes — and then sics Kilovolt on her. Luke shows up with the Kilovolt gun and shocks the prisoners, saving Batwoman. Batwoman goes to Horton with the story, and it gets published and made public knowledge in the Gazette.

Jacob gets kidnapped and drugged with Snake Bite. In a dream sequence, we see Jacob's successful efforts to try to find and free Beth while she was held captive at Cartwright's house. Jacob then meets with Dr. Evelyn Rhyme — Enigma's civilian identity — and she determines that he's been using Snake Bite. Jacob admits to Dr. Rhyme that he's now addicted to Snake Bite, because it helps him imagine a world where he did save Beth.

Roman Sionis visits Jacob and provides him with a sample of Snake Bite, asking him to "investigate" the source. Meanwhile, Sophie and The Crows track down the men whose names Angelique confessed, and finds them murdered by Black Mask.

Jacob goes to Mary and offers to help her reopen her clinic, but she refuses because she still wants it to serve the overlooked people of Gotham. After Mary turns him down, Jacob privately takes the sample of Snake Bite that Sionis provided him.

Julia tells Sophie about the lapses in her memory in her search for Kate. She then gets a message about the Cartwright house, and finds Alice there. Julia argues that Alice might be spiraling over Kate's death, and Alice asks Julia to work with her to find Enigma, in exchange for Alice leaving Gotham forever. As Alice tells her more about Enigma, Julia suspects that she was behind her memory loss. Alice discovers that Julia had a meeting with Dr. Rhyme, and the two decide to split up and investigate her. Alice reveals that she wants Enigma to erase all of her memories of Kate.

Julia tracks down Dr. Rhyme and confirms that she's Enigma. Dr. Rhyme then injects Julia with a toxin to help her forget her memories again. Meanwhile, Alice snoops around in Dr. Rhyme's office, finding the recording of Jacob's therapy session with her — namely, the bit where Jacob reveals how badly he regrets not saving Beth. She erases the recording. Later, Julia transfers from The Crows' office to one in Berlin, to the surprise of Sophie.

Sophie tells Ryan that Angelique is being released from prison and moved off the grid. Ryan calls Angelique, who thanks her for doing that time in jail for her. In the middle of the phone call, Angelique is kidnapped by The Crows.



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