Batwoman Recap: Everything You Missed in "Arrive Alive"

Batwoman has been teeing up a number of major storylines in its second season, and fans have definitely been eager to see how they all come to a head. After last week's surprising cliffhanger ending, Ryan Wilder's (Javicia Leslie) crusade as Batwoman — and particularly against the False Face Society — has been put to the test. That storyline and more were expected to converge in some major ways in this week's episode — and it looks like they definitely did. If you need to catch up on the most essential details and storylines from Batwoman's latest episode, we're here to help. Here are the biggest reveals and Easter eggs from "Arrive Alive." Obviously, spoilers for Season 2, Episode 11 of Batwoman, "Arrive Alive", below! Only look if you want to know!


The False Face Society steals medical supplies with a series of getaway drivers. Meanwhile, Black Mask tortures Angelique with the corrosive doses of Snakebite he and the False Face Society have, until she agrees to recreate Ocean's version of the drug.

Sophie updates Ryan on Angelique's kidnapping, and tells her not to intervene. Luke and Ryan realize that the False Face Society is realistically going to steal Fear Toxin yet, and Ryan vows to track it down. Ryan does stop one of the getaway cars — and it ends up being Sophie, who was undercover, and who blames Batwoman for ruining the mission. Sophie goes back to The Crows, where Jacob demotes her and promotes Russell Tavaroff, another (more confrontational) Crows agent. Sophie goes to Ryan and updates her on the situation, and Ryan decides to go undercover as the False Face's newest getaway driver. Sophie reluctantly agrees and gets Mary to lend them her car, as long as Ryan promises to study so she can successfully fool the False Face in her interview. Sophie gets Luke to establish Ryan's fake identity, and Luke and Ryan pretend that they don't know each other. When Sophie leaves the room, Luke gives Ryan more tech, including comms and an AI to help her drive better. Ryan goes to the interview, and manages to win over the False Face agents, who give her a job that night. Ryan hooks up the AI to Mary's car, and Luke drives while Ryan puts a tracker on the Fear Toxin. Things get complicated when Crows agents try to shoot at the car, but otherwise, the plan goes off without a hitch, and the Fear Toxin is put in a truck for Mr. Bloom Florist (referencing the Batman villain of the same name).

Ryan returns back to her apartment, but she and Luke realize that Sophie left — to track down Black Mask's location and confront him directly. Batwoman swoops in and fights Black Mask, and both she and Sophie get the upper hand to fight him. When they ask him where Angelique is, he reveals a live feed of her being held hostage, and that his False Face agents will kill her if they don't let him walk free. They let him walk free, and he goes back to Angelique, who has concocted the new strain of Snakebite — but didn't do it perfectly, because Ocean didn't give her the full technique. Angelique then vows to help him track down Ocean.

Later, Sophie inspects Mary's car, and finds the Bat-team tech that Ryan and Luke placed in there. When she listens back to the audio on the tech, she realizes Ryan is Batwoman. Meanwhile, Tavaroff inspects the scene of Sophie and Ryan's fight against Sionis, and gets a blood sample.

Alice ambushes Enigma at one of her therapy appointments, asking her to help erase the memories she has of Kate. Enigma argues that Kate is actually Alice's moral compass, and that erasing her would completely change her personality, but that she could do it if Alice goes inside her own psyche and confronts Kate directly. Alice agrees to do that, and she mentally travels back to a car ride with Kate they had when they were kids. Alice argues that she never really loved Kate, and that she was born evil, but young Kate (and Ocean, who spontaneously shows up) disagrees, and Alice snaps out of the vision. Enigma tries to argue that Alice isn't a complete sociopath. Alice gets put back into a vision, where Ocean confronts her about killing him — but she gets snapped out of it when the actual Ocean shows up in the real world and explains how Safiyah was able to fake his death in Coryana. Ocean confronts Alice and they briefly fight, before Enigma says a trigger word that gets them both to recover their repressed memories. Later, Ocean reveals that Safiyah sent him back to Gotham to track down the remaining Desert Rose plant — the one that Batwoman has. They then hook up.



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