Birds of Prey Director Wants to See Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Team-Up

Now that Birds of Prey has finally premiered in theaters, fans are looking forward to what's next for the team of DC Comics anti-heroes. But when it comes to Harley Quinn, it looks like she's on a different trajectory that is leading her back to The Suicide Squad. But that doesn't mean there aren't plans for future adventures for Margot Robbie's version of the character. And if we get lucky, we might even see her team up with one of Batman's most popular villains in the DC Universe.

Birds of Prey director Cathy Yan spoke about plans for a followup project when she revealed that she would like to see Harleen Quinzel's girlfriend and fellow doctor Pamela Isley enter the picture.

"I would love to see Poison Ivy and I would certainly love to see the relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy," Yan told TheWrap.

When asked if there might be a break between projects now that Birds of Prey has hit theaters and The Suicide Squad is in production, Yan thinks there's still a demand for more stories featuring Harley Quinn.

"I don't know — I think people aren't ready to let go of Harley Quinn quite yet and you know, Margot I don't think is ready to let go of Harley Quinn yet either, so — hopefully," Yan said.

Harley and Poison Ivy has become one of the most popular pairings in DC Comics, stemming from their unique bond portrayed in Batman: The Animated Series. The DC Universe streaming platform is taking advantage of their relationship in the Harley Quinn animated series. The two are best friends who go to the ends of the Earth to aid each other, though they aren't exactly dating at this point in the show.

Robbie also said that she would like to see Harley team up with Poison Ivy AND Catwoman in a Gotham City Sirens movie, which would be a unique followup to Birds of Prey that could possibly set up the two teams against each other.


We'll see what happens in the future, but for now fans can enjoy Birds of Prey, now playing in theaters.