Dave Bautista Really Wants to Play Bane and Another Surprising DC Comics Character

Dave Bautista has his eyes on a couple of DC Comics movie roles and he is not trying to keep these wishes a secret. The actor best known for his WWE career (which he will never be returning to) and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies worked with Man of Steel director Zack Snyder in the upcoming Army of the Dead movie. Having worked with Snyder in the upcoming film, Bautiita participated n Justice Con which celebrated Snyder's work and the work of others who have worked with the original Justice League director. During his spotlight panel, Bautista revealed he really wants to play either Bane or Lobo in a live-action film.

"It would be Bane, all day long. I made no secret about this. I wanna play Bane so bad," Bautista said with a laugh. As it turns out, Bautista has already made some demands for the role! "I want to play Bane so bad that I went to Warner Brothers, had an appointment with them, had an appointment with DC, walked in the door and said, 'I wanna play Bane!' I'm not kidding," he said. "They were a little like, 'Whoa! Whoa. We're not even casting Bane.' I'm like, I don't care! I'm playing him!' They were like... 'Well...' But it'd be that."

He has the support of Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Zack Snyder's Justice League director Zack Snyder. During his panel at Justice Con, Snyder shared his stance on Bautista as the iconic Batman villain. "We’ve really just gotta figure out how to get Dave Bautista to be Bane," Snyder said. "Let’s just all accept the fact that he’s gotta be Bane, and there’s no two ways about it!"

There are no known plans to bring Bane into any of the upcoming DC Comics movies, so if Bautista can't get a crack at the role, he does have one other DC character in mind: "Otherwise, I would really take a look at Lobo. I'd really be interested in what somebody can do with Lobo," he said. "I'd be all over that."


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Bautista's full Justice Con panel is available on YouTube!