DC's Stargirl: John Wesley Shipp Teases Role as "Moral Center" of the JSA

On Tuesday, The CW airs one of the most anticipated episodes of DC's Stargirl to date. The episode, "Summer School: Chapter Nine" will see John Wesley Shipp bring his take on Jay Garrick/The Flash to Stargirl's corner of the multiverse in what's been described as a pivotal flashback episode. For fans, it's an exciting thing with Shipp's appearance connecting Stargirl to the larger Arrowverse but it also is another opportunity to see the fan-favorite actor as the Golden Age hero. It's an appearance that Shipp himself is excited about, telling ComicBook.com that not only was he happy to explore legacy but also that his character serves as the "moral center" of this corner of the multiverse.

"It's always exciting to step into a new energy. I have to say in the whole I call it the Berlanti-verse, they keep it really interesting for all of the actors. We get to play multiple roles," Shipp said in a recent interview. "I get to take a role that I play in The Flash over to a whole new cast. I, of course, knew of Luke Wilson and was very excited to meet him and was so glad that I got to play a role that was very affectionate and almost protective of the Pat/Stripesy character that he has so brilliantly and uniquely created."

Shipp praised the script for the episode, noting that he didn't put it down the first time he read it, as well as how the show explores the idea of legacy through its young heroes. But he also explained how his appearance adds additional "depth" to the story with Jay Garrick serving as the conscience or moral center of things.

"You might hear, 'Okay. Comic books should entertain, they're built around a teenage girl. It's going to be fluff. It isn't fluff. It has surprising depth to it. And when Geoff [Johns] explained to me what I would be doing is adding more depth," Shipp said. "And it's the whole conflict between what would be the most expedient thing to do in the short term versus does it line up with your values and ethics and are you willing to suffer the short term pain for the long term gain of honoring your values and your ethics? That's some heavy stuff and it's entertaining. I don't want people to think they're going to tune in and see King Lear, because they're not. It's incredibly entertaining. It's darkness and light, special effects. All the actors are so unique and so wonderful. But I enjoyed coming in. [Geoff] thanked me at the end for coming in and being the moral center of their corner of the multiverse. And also what an honor to be the one chosen to welcome Stargirl into the CW-verse."

You can check out the synopsis for the episode, "Summer School: Chapter Nine" below.

"JOHN WESLEY SHIPP GUEST STARS AS JAY GARRICK - As Eclipso (Nick Tarabay) takes aim at the Whitmore/Dugan's, Pat (Luke Wilson) is reminded of painful memories from his past involving the original JSA and their fight to take down Eclipso. Meanwhile, Mike (Trae Romano) is forced to confront the guilt he feels for his role in Icicle's death, and Barbara (Amy Smart) comes face to face with someone from her past. Finally, Courtney (Brec Bassinger) struggles to hold onto hope after Eclipso targets those around her. Hunter Sansone also stars. Andi Armaganian directed the episode written by Alfredo Septién & Turi Meyer."

DC's Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. "Summer School: Chapter Nine" will air on Tuesday, October 5th.