DC's Stargirl: Meg DeLacy Talks Cindy's New Challenges in Season 3

The third season of DC's Stargirl is in full swing on The CW and the season has seen new challenges for pretty much everyone in Blue Valley. Not only is the JSA dealing with what might be their biggest challenge yet in trying to solve the murder of Steven Sharpe/The Gambler (Eric Goins) while Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl (Brec Bassinger) also deals with the return of Sylvester Pemberton/Starman (Joel McHale), there are other issues as well, including for Cindy Burman. After a perspective shift in Season 2, Cindy's joined the JSA, but isn't exactly fitting in. Most of the team still isn't sure about her and consider her a major suspect in The Gambler's murder, but she's also dealing with some private issues as well. Now, Meg DeLacy, who plays Cindy, is talking about how the would-be hero is trying very hard to fit in and find acceptance.

"She's always been wanting to have this family, this team. That's where she's been left alone a lot, within the last season, season one and season two," DeLacy told ComicBook.com. "And so, finally, she's able to be semi-accepted, obviously not necessarily gaining the trust from the whole team just yet, but definitely from Courtney, and being accepted at least even a little bit."

She continued, "She's exploring herself and wanting to become better and wanting to better herself by paying attention to little things like walking, helping that little old woman across the street, or just holding her tongue before saying something maybe a little rude or crude and just being available. It's a very interesting world that she's living in, especially at the beginning because she isn't necessarily succeeding as much as she hoped due to her history with Yolanda. And then now it seems like Rick has a whole issue with her, which I appreciate that we really touch on a little bit. But yeah, she's trying. She's trying very hard."

But even with Cindy trying, she's still not exactly in a place where she is completely able to trust even Courtney, either. As we've seen a bit of this season, Cindy's having some physical issues likely connected to her father's experimentation on her, but she hasn't reached out to anyone for help.

"I think it's because she doesn't necessarily trust everyone to that point yet. This is a very personal experience she's going through, and it could be potentially super embarrassing," DeLacy said. "it's very scary. She actually doesn't really even know what's happening just yet and so to ask for help without any substance or any backstory in that sort of way, she would have to put her heart away and she would have to look a little ugly or a little vulnerable. And it's really difficult for her to do that, even with this newfound friendship she has with Courtney."

DC's Stargirl airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.