Dwayne The Rock Johnson Teases Shirtless Black Adam Scene

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's latest tease for this Black Adam movie is a scene in which he'll be [...]

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's latest tease for this Black Adam movie is a scene in which he'll be appearing shirtless onscreen. In one of his latest Instagram updates on Black Adam's production, The Rock shows off the meal he had to consume at midnight last night (what looks like meat, eggs, and a wheat English muffin) while also letting fans know that it was all a part of his larger crazy eating regiment to pull off the look of a superhero body onscreen. In his somewhat lengthy caption, The Rock let fans know that he has "a big scene this week for #BlackAdam that requires my shirt off."

Here's the full caption from The Rock's Instagram - followed by the photo of his midnight meal, below!

At midnight, I know it doesn't look like much but this diet is a real science.
Have a big scene this week for #BlackAdam that requires my shirt off.
As many of you know, in the comic mythology - in the beginning, Teth Adam was blessed by the God's as "The Champion" 💪🏾⚡️
(before his rage turned his soul black)

Training hard, dieting down while pulling all sodium and every ounce of water and food is measured.

Final 48hrs, here we go 🤞🏾

#hangry 🤬😂
@daverienzi strength & conditioning coach 💪🏾

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By now, it's no surprise to hear a male star headlining a superhero movie talking about the grueling regiment to pull off that action-figure look. Whether it's Chris Hemsworth's Thor, or Henry Cavill, and Ben Affleck getting into Superman and Batman shape (respectively), comic book movie leading men have to go through it to get properly cut.

However, it was really Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans that cemented the tradition of male superheroes giving fans one major shirtless scene in their respective Thor and Captain America movies. That tradition has become a staple of the comic book movie genre, to the point that a lot of fans would feel cheated if The Rock didn't pop that shirt off at some point. Johnson has definitely had a hand in shaping that expectation, as his social media promotion of Black Adam has involved a lot of photos and videos of The Rock going hard in the gym. Fans are looking for that end result to be shown off onscreen, in all it's godlike glory.

At the same time, the other big tease The Rock has made is the exact opposite of a shirtless scene: the official look at his Black Adam costume for the movie. Johnson has been using teases of his Black Adam costume to hype how Black Adam's arrival will shift the power of the entire DC movie universe.

Black Adam will hit theaters on July 9, 2022.