Gotham's Alfred And Lee Thompkins Get New Love Interests In Season 3

Gotham Alfred Tompkins
(Photo: FOX)

Lots of changes are in store for Bruce Wayne and his growing rogue's gallery on Gotham, but they aren't the only ones who are in for some new adjustments.

In a recent interview with IGN, Executive Producer John Stephens discussed a coming shift in Alfred and Bruce's relationship, which will open the door for a new love interest for the character.

"Alfred finds love. He has a sixteen-year-old boy [Bruce] who, as these things happen, naturally kind of grows away from him. And suddenly someone enters his life who is connected to another character and Alfred is left with the idea of the possibility of another life there and it gives us a great storyline."

Alfred's number one priority has always been Bruce Wayne, but Alfred is only human, and introducing a character like this into his life should only help to flesh out the character that much more. Someone's commitment or sacrifice is best defined and appreciated when viewers understand what they're actually giving up, and hopefully, that will be explored in Alfred's new storyline.

Alfred isn't alone though in his new endeavor, as Leslie Thompkins will also be exploring new possibilities now that she's broken up with Jim Gordon. Not only that, but her new boyfriend will be directly at odds with Gordon and the Gotham P.D.

"He’s the scion of a particular Gotham crime family. I think hardcore fans their minds will immediately go to one person," said Stephens.


The person he is referring to could be Alberto or Mario Falcone and the idea's merit grows when fellow Executive Producer Ken Woodruff added "You will definitely see family of Carmine Falcone and you will definitely see Carmine Falcone. He is not gone. He’s definitely still around."

Gotham returns to FOX on September 19th.