Harley Quinn Teasing Kite Man & Poison Ivy Relationship

We're officially three weeks into Harley Quinn, the latest original series to hit the DC Universe streaming service. The adult-oriented animated series has brought fans a delightful and absurd take on the DC Comics world, as Harley Quinn (Kaley Cuoco) and her friends try to find their footing in the criminal underworld of Gotham City. Thus far, the show has provided an interesting mix of comic-accurate and original touches -- including one relatively unexpected relationship. Spoilers for the first three episodes of DC Universe's Harley Quinn below! Only look if you want to know!

After Harley and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) broke out of Arkham Asylum in the pilot episode, they began to establish new lives for themselves in Gotham City, which manifested in wildly different ways. The second episode, "A High Bar", saw Ivy joining Harley as she crashed a Legion of Doom function, which ended up being a bat mitzvah for The Penguin's awkward nephew.

Also present at the event was Kite Man (Matt Oberg), who quickly took a liking to Ivy. After some poor attempts at flirtation - and Ivy's pheromone serum accidentally getting loose among the teenage boys at the party - Ivy reluctantly agreed to team up with Kite Man to find the antidote. In the process, the pair began to bond, but Ivy still seemed unsure if she wanted a relationship.

In this week's episode, "So You Need a Crew?", Harley tried to find other villains to help her carry out her crimes, only to endure sexism in the process. This culminated in Harley going to Noonan's bar to ask for goons to help her, only for them to all come up with excuses. Minutes later, Kite Man showed up with much more vague plans, and immediately got all of the goons to help him. Harley later complained about this to Ivy, and upon hearing about Kite Man, Ivy asked if he'd mentioned anything about her.

While Ivy and Kite Man certainly aren't in a relationship yet, recent trailers have hinted at the pair potentially getting more intimate with each other as the season goes along. For those who have been hoping for Harley and Ivy to develop a romantic relationship, the idea that Kite Man might currently be in the way is probably a bummer. But the series, which has already been renewed for another thirteen-episode season, does want to build to the Harley/Ivy of it all at some point.

"Without giving too much away, that was something we wanted to explore," series creator Justin Halpern previously explained. "I won't tell you what happens. But yeah, that's certainly was of interest to us."

"Yeah. I mean, we do a lot of setting the table in Season 1 of just the world of the show," co-creator Patrick Schumacker echoed. "If you are patient..."


"It was important for us in Season 1 to not get her out of a relationship and then suddenly get her into another one," Halpern added. "We wanted it to just be about this self-discovery and not self-discovery in terms of how I validate myself through other people. In the first season, we sort of stay away from too much of her being romantically involved in anything."

New episodes of Harley Quinn debut Fridays exclusively on DC Universe.