Someone Is Pretending to Be James Gunn on Instagram and The Suicide Squad Director Isn’t Having It

Hot Tip: Don't go around social media pretending to be celebrities. Other Hot Tip: If a celebrity page doesn't have a blue checkmark, it's probably not the real celebrity messaging you. This seems to be a problem with some big names on social media, with Star Wars legend Mark Hamill recently warning about fake accounts. Another person to take to their account to post a warning is James Gunn, the director known for Guardians of the Galaxy who recently wrapped filming The Suicide Squad. Gunn took to Instagram today to share a message from a fake account.

"Please beware of this fake dick and others like him. Dozens of female followers have sent me his (yes I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume it’s a him) messages lately. He usually starts with 'Hello pretty lady.' Normally I report these guys and @instagram takes them down immediately. But lately, I’m guessing due to the quarantine, this hasn’t been happening (I’m also getting way more spam assholes on my page offering bitcoin opportunities, etc, that I just delete immediately). Anyway, be careful," Gunn replied. You can read the fake message in the post below:

This isn't the director's only recent Internet-related warning. Gunn had to warn folks about being careful of online purchases after he accidentally bought some tiny cans of beans. During the quarantine, he's been pretty active on social media. Gunn has done everything from recommending movies to watch during the quarantine to reminding people to be compassionate during these difficult times. He has also suggested replacing handshakes with the Ravager salute and is one of the many who is encouraging people to practice social distancing.


Despite what the title for Gunn's new movie might imply, The Suicide Squad producer Peter Safran has made it a point to let fans know Gunn's take on the team is not a direct sequel to David Ayer's movie. “It’s called The Suicide Squad,” Safran said. “It’s not Suicide Squad 2. It is not a sequel. I will leave that alone but, yes, it’s called The Suicide Squad.”

The Suicide Squad is expected to hit theaters on August 6, 2021.

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