Justice League Adds Ben Affleck As Executive Producer


The upcoming Justice League film from Warner Brothers and DC Comics has added Ben Affleck as not only Batman but also an executive producer.

Zack Snyder will direct the film, following his efforts on Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and screenwriter Chris Terrio is returning for the script. Affleck has been rumored to direct a standalone Batman film so the move to executive producer is not incredibly surprising.

Warner Brothers is still figuring out exactly how to approach super hero films. Batman v. Superman was largely disliked by critics and has divided audience as much as its heroes on whether or not the enjoyed the dark take on the characters.

Affleck has written and directed several films and won an Oscar for his efforts on Argo. His other projects include Gone Baby Gone and The Town. He'll be joined on screen in Justice League by Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, and Ezra Miller.

Affleck's next project, Live By Night, is set for release on October 20, 2017.


via Deadline