Ben Affleck Addresses Harvey Weinstein and His Own Alleged Misconduct

Hollywood is still dealing with the ripple effects of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and Ben [...]

Hollywood is still dealing with the ripple effects of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and Ben Affleck gave a candid take on those events and his own behaviors in a recent interview.

Affleck was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert doing press for Justice League when Colbert pivoted a bit to the sexual harassment issue in Hollywood, starting with Weinstein. Colbert asked Affleck if he felt he had to do more than just distance himself from Weinstein given that he was so involved in Affleck's early career.

"It was a little bit, I mean it was awful to see the extent of these terrible crimes, and it was hideous and I haven't worked for Harvey for more than 15 years, but nonetheless I felt this attachment to movies like Good Will Hunting, Shakespeare in Love, Chasing Amy, some of the early movies that I really loved doing when I was still totally brand new," Affleck said. "It sort of tainted that a little bit that while we were having these experiences and making these movies that there were people who were suffering and dealing with awful experiences.

That's what prompted Affleck to make sure that money tied to those projects went to good use.

"So I didn't really know what to with that you know, it's hard to know, so I decided to give back the residuals that I'm getting from the Miramax movies and give them to RAINN, a film independent who you can also donate to, just because I didn't want to sort of cash a check from the guy and I thought well maybe I can still feel okay about it if it's going to a good cause," Affleck said.

Colbert then addressed allegations towards Affleck and asked if there is more that Affleck and others in Hollywood can do to make sure this isn't just a passing phase but a true shift.

"I think we have to," Affleck said. "What I was accused of by a woman was touching her breast when I gave her a hug. I don't remember it but I absolutely apologized for it. I certainly don't think she's lying or making it up. This is just the kind of thing that we have to as men I think as we become more aware of this be really really mindful of our behaviour and hold ourselves accountable and say 'if I was ever part of the problem I want to change. I want to be part of the solution' and to not shy away from you know these uncomfortable or strange encounters that we might have had where we were sort of navigating, not knowing."

Those awkward discussions are going to happen, but it's important o keep having the conversations.

"I just did an interview where someone asked me a question and I kind of, you know it was a serious question and I kind of felt uncomfortable and didn't know what to say and laughed awkwardly," Affleck said. "It's just a tricky thing to try to handle and I think the most important thing to do is to support the voices that are coming forward, believe them, and create a business where more women are empowered and in place so less of this happens, and so there is a way of reporting this stuff so people can feel safe doing so."

You can watch the full interview in the video above, and you can find out more about RAINN on their official website.

As for Justice League, the film is in theaters now.