Justice League Star Ray Fisher Says Only Trolls Think the Snyder Cut Is Fake

Justice League’s Ray Fisher thinks that only trolls believe that the Snyder Cut of the film is fake at this point. The Cyborg actor shared that on his Twitch stream with fans this weekend. He touched on a variety of topics including how his solo movie was progressing, any hope for the Snyder Cut to be released, and if Cyborg could end up with the Titans on the big screen. Fisher also loves playing video games, so there was some fun commentary around Resident Evil as well for those fans of the survival horror genre. But, most of the questions were about DC movies and Snyder’s vision for Justice League.

“There was a point in time when I was supposed to watch [The Snyder Cut], but the timing didn’t work out…” Fisher began. “We’re at a point where we can acknowledge the Snyder Cut does exist, and if you speak to anyone that says it doesn’t exist, then they’re trying to troll you. So, do not engage with them. Don’t feed the trolls.”

When questioned about bringing the Titans to movie screens around the world. Fisher, thought that his version of the character would stick with the League. “Our version, I think he would stay in the Justice League. For sure. I think it’s a different version of Cyborg. I don’t see him necessarily in the near future going off and being part of the Titans. But, you know, you never know. You never know what could happen."

For those still waiting on the Cyborg movie, Fisher also mentioned that there were plans but he wasn’t at liberty to discuss at what level they were operating on.

"One of the things is that we have so much technology, we as human beings are so dependant on technology, that the potential for Cyborg is almost limitless with what he could do," Fisher told ComicBook.com about the possibility of a Cyborg movie back in 2018. "We're talking about a guy who could, if he wanted to, could launch all the nukes with just a thought. He could stop all the cyber-terrorism in the world, if that was what his aim was because you don't have people running and knocking over banks the way they used to. You're not going and holding them up, you're getting on you're keyboard and you're handling it that way. I think to be able to see that shift and have it be a real world, in time view of where we're at in technology would be the most effective thing we could do."


Warner Bros. next releases Wonder Woman 1984 August 14, The Batman June 25, 2021, and The Suicide Squad August 6, 2021.

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