'Justice League's Stunt Batman Supports Zack Snyder's Director's Cut

There's growing support for a Zack Snyder directors cut to Justice League, and Batman's stuntman [...]

There's growing support for a Zack Snyder directors cut to Justice League, and Batman's stuntman explains why he is supporting the cause.

Richard Cetrone is responsible for the Dark Knight's stuntwork, and recently shared a petition that asks for Warner Bros. to release directors cut version of Justice League that delivers Snyder's full vision. Cetrone decided to clarify his stance.

"So I probably should have written this when I put up this post, but I want to make it clear now," Cetrone said. "I have nothing against Joss Whedon. I have worked with Joss on multiple projects and I think he is a great director and he's very easy to work with. I also have enjoyed Danny Elfman's music for years going back to Oingo Boingo. So I agree with the cause, but not everything the person who wrote out the petition is stating."

Cetrone's reasoning stems more from wanting fans to see Snyder's full vision for the project as opposed to issues with the quality of the movie in its current state.

"I posted it because I want to support my friend and what I can to see that his version is released," Cetrone said. "You might say that is going to happen anyway, but that is not necessarily true. And if it does happen people should know that it is his version. When B v S "extended cut" was released that was actually the "Director's cut" and in my opinion, that's how it should have been released."

The petition recently crossed 70,000 signatures, and mostly just calls for a Justice League that ignores runtime and business decision and present a full version of the film.

"It's understandable that the visionary filmmaker doesn't own the rights to the film and that he stepped down for understandable, tragic and heartbreaking reasons, but fans deserve better the version the director always intended, than half a film," Roberto Mata wrote. "The petition is not to take the film out of theaters, the petition is to ask Warner Bros. to release Zack Snyder's director's cut, together with Tom Holkenborg's (Junkie XL) score on home release."

There was a successful director's cut to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and hopefully Justice League will follow suit.

Justice League is in theaters now.

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