Kevin Conroy Explains How Batman: The Killing Joke Animated Film Expands The Story

Kevin Conroy is commonly known as the voice of Batman, and he will be reprising the role in DC and [...]

(Photo: WB Animation)

Kevin Conroy is commonly known as the voice of Batman, and he will be reprising the role in DC and Warner Bros. animated adaptation of Alan Moore's The Killing Joke.

During a DC All Access interview, the talented voice actor sat down with Tiffany Smith to talk about returning to the iconic role once again.

"Well, I like to think I never left the voice of Batman. I've been doing it for 24 years. What's wonderful about it is getting back in the booth with Mark Hamill, because that Batman-Joker relationship, it's almost like Joker defines Batman and Batman defines Joker, it's the dark and the light, and sometimes it feels like either of us wouldn't exist completely without the other, and Mark and I work so well together."

The storyline will follow the events of the original comic pretty faithfully, but that doesn't mean there won't be some updates, which Conroy referred to briefly.

"they've actually expanded it a bit, they've expanded some of the story a bit. There's much more of Batgirl in this, um, so that plotline is more developed, and the struggle, the internal struggle that Batman has, that Bruce Wayne has in wrestling with the demons in the Joker is much more explored. There are a couple of really wonderful scenes that I have with Mark that I'm really proud of."

Having Conroy and Hamill together again on a Batman project is a dream come true for most fans, and the two seem to have a great relationship. When Conroy was asked if he had his own take on the Joker, he gave us a brief impression but went on to say "No, I could never do what Mark does, because Mark becomes Joker. I wish the audience could see him in a booth. His face is like rubber, and um, he's just like Jim Carrey you know, he just becomes the character, he's like devouring the microphone and when I'm doing Batman I get dark and broody you know. It's weird how we both inhabit the characters when we're in the room. It's kind of fun."

Batman: The Killing Joke releases on July 25th.