Legends of Tomorrow Finale Reveals Who Got Abducted By Aliens

When the season six synopsis for DC's Legends of Tomorrow was released to the press during The CW's virtual upfronts last month, one of the big revelations was the idea that the team would be facing off against aliens next season. Not just aliens -- but aliens who had abducted a Legend. That seems like a terrible plan for the aliens (one fan whose name we can't remember joked that the aliens would return the Legend promptly with a note that "this human tried to kill AND have sex with us"), but certainly is a way to launch things in a different direction.

And, as most fans expected, the final moments of last night's episode revealed who it was that was going to be abducted -- by showing the abduction happen on camera. Spoilers ahead, for anybody who hasn't seen it yet.

After a season of serving as co-captains of the Waverider, Sara Lance and Ava will have to spend a little time apart at the end of next season, as Sara was the one scooped up into a waiting alien craft at the end of the episode.

"With Sara being kidnapped by aliens at the end of the finale, you can imagine that Ava's gonna be in a rough spot starting next season and it seems like Nate is uniquely qualified to be there [for her] having experienced so much loss himself, and giving Ava the strength to believe that her separation from Sara won't be forever," executive producer Phil Klemmer told EW. "I really like the idea that Nate can be kind of that platonic, I don't know, like a stand-in? Again, I always think about the Legends as a family, and Sara and Ava are clearly the parents. With one parent gone, I like the idea that Nate is a bit of a goofball and a bit of bro sometimes, but that he's really gained some real wisdom and he would be able to support what's missing."

Of course, this is (surprisingly enough) not the first time Sara has been kidnapped by aliens. In the hundredth episode of Arrow, which took place during the "Invasion!" event, she was one of the characters who was kidnapped by Dominators and placed into suspended animation. It seems plausible the Dominators might be behind her kidnapping this time, too, although the "why" of it would be kind of baffling. But with the Crisis on Infinite Earths having folded the multiverse down to one universe (for all intents and purposes), there are all the alien worlds of Supergirl that could be involved. And that's even without considering the Thanagarians...!


DC's Legends of Tomorrow will be back in production this fall with an eye toward a spring 2021 premiere date.