Suicide Squad Ayer Cut: Joel Kinnaman Asks "Why Not?"

The Suicide Squad is the next film gunning for the box office, and if the critics are right, this feature is the one comic book fans have been waiting for. The James Gunn movie promises to fulfill the vision that netizens felt was shafted by David Ayer's 2016 take on the franchise. And as discussions rage on about an Ayer Cut of the original film, star Joel Kinnaman is game to check out the mysterious cut.

The whole thing came to light when Kinnaman hit the red carpet for The Suicide Squad recently in Hollywood. It was there Variety spoke with the actor as he starred in both films, and Kinnaman said he doesn't see a reason why the Ayer Cut should be kept locked away.

"Yeah, why not? You know, you always want to see the director's vision," Kinnaman said. "It sounds like a great idea."

The star isn't the only one from the first Suicide Squad movie to share this sentiment. At this premiere, Margot Robbie was asked the same question, and she was a bit more aloof. The actress, who has become adored for her take on Harley Quinn, said the situation was fairly complicated.

"I think that is all a very complicated situation," the Australian actress said. "I would want to see the cut of every movie I've been a part of that I've never seen. You know, the funny thing is that... as an actor, I've not seen it until half the country has seen it. Sometimes, I see it after millions of people have seen it. You don't get to see the different iterations along the way unless you're a producer. So yeah, I didn't get to see [Suicide Squad] until it was out in theaters."


As you can imagine, fans of Suicide Squad are eager to check out the Ayer Cut, but there is no promise it will ever come to light. Zack Snyder may have gotten such an allowance with Justice League, but Warner Bros. Pictures is not going to give Gunn's film any sort of competition. But if there is room down the line, the Ayer Cut might make a jump to the big screen at last.

What do you think about Ayer's pitch for his Suicide Squad? Would you check out this director's cut? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.