Suicide Squad Director Tells Critics To Raise Their Game With Negative Reviews

The critical fallout that's reigned down upon Suicide Squad has been intense. The much-anticipated film is officially out today for all moviegoers to see, but early press screenings left tons of critics disappointed and unimpressed. Over the past few days, fans and even cast members have been addressing Suicide Squad's negative reviews. And, now, director David Ayer has also stepped into the conversation.

At the London Media Screening for Suicide Squad, Ayer joined the film's cast as they introduced the film to press. With reporters poised to take down quotes, Ayer carefully joked about Suicide Squad's bad press before they screened the film.

He said, "We've taken some shots out there in the reviews and everything so if you're going to give us negative reviews, you can't just say the movie blinded you. You have to say it blinded the entire audience. You've really got to raise the game."

So, if you're going to bash Ayer's film, you best do so with style.

He went on to say, "Those who get really creative as a writer, I really appreciate that. You've got to step it up when you come in to attack."

Suicide Squad Cast
(Photo: Jai Courtney Instagram, DC Entertainment)

Taking a lighter tone, Ayer then told the crowd that he hoped they enjoyed the film. "Look, the story is a lot of fun," he said. "It's a fantastic story of redemption. These guys play it from the heart, and the transformations they go through are a really beautiful thing."

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