Suicide Squad Drops Below Batman V Superman On Rotten Tomatoes

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It can be safely said at this point that Suicide Squad is not and will never be a critics film.

The majority of critics have made their voices heard, and when averaged together they've pummeled the film down to a 26% rotten rating on the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. That drops the film below the equally embattled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is sitting at 1 point higher at 27%. That film took more guff from both critics and audiences than Suicide Squad has, but neither film has been as well received as recent Marvel efforts.

Zack Synder and David Ayer should really start some sort of DC Film Universe support group.

Granted, it isn't just critics being averaged in at this point, as audiences have started to contribute reviews as well, but it can't be denied how stark the contrast is to what critics seem to think and what general audiences are saying.

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The audience score on the service is sitting at 74%, a far cry from 26%, and if you wander through your various social media feeds, the leanings there tend to be rather positive, with many acknowledging the film's flaws yet still able to derive significant enjoyment from David Ayer's film.


The negative buzz doesn't seem to be hurting the film at the box office either, as many predict it will hit somewhere in the 120M to 140M range, but that remains to be seen. You can read what we thought about the film here.

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