The Suicide Squad Premiere Is James Gunn’s First Time Watching His DC Movie With an Audience

Monday night marks a special occasion for James Gunn. For the first time ever, the director of The [...]

Monday night marks a special occasion for James Gunn. For the first time ever, the director of The Suicide Squad will watch the movie with a theater full of movie-goers. To celebrate the momentous occasion, Gunn took to his Instagram account Monday afternoon to pen a heartfelt post about the night.

"Tonight is the US Premiere of #TheSuicideSquad. This premiere is more exciting for me than most as I have never seen the film live on a big screen with an audience," Gunn shared on Instagram.

That's when he revealed quite the startling tidbit — The Suicide Squad was edited entirely from household editing bays.

"Due to the hardships of the last year and a half, this movie was edited entirely from the homes of me and my editors Fred Raskin and Chris Wagner," Gunn added before revealing the blockades a global pandemic added. "Normally by this time I would have sat through the film with an audience half a dozen times at least, in test screenings and film festivals and premieres in other countries. But no this time the Premiere is truly the premiere for me as well and I can't wait to see it surrounded by my friends and family and cast and crew that worked so hard on it. ❤️"

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Gunn will likely be heading into the theater less anxious after early reviews for the flick have been nothing but glowing. The feature is one of the best-reviewed comic book adaptations on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 96-percent Certified Fresh rating as of this writing.

"There are so many things about The Suicide Squad that are revolutionary, from the extraordinary ensemble cast to the compelling and downright absurd story. But the most surreal element of the film might be the way it showcases the endless potential of the DC universe, with a feeling of wonder that those who have spent hours thumbing through back issues at their local comic shop will probably recognize,"'s Jenna Anderson wrote in her review.

She added, "The Suicide Squad not only raises the bar for just how much a superhero movie can accomplish in one sitting, but it proves that the weird and oft-forgotten comic characters are superstars deserving of your attention. I have never seen a superhero movie with such a refined sense of identity and such a love for the source material — and if I never see one like it again, I'll only be a little disappointed."

The Suicide Squad will debut in theaters and on HBO Max on Friday, August 6th. Peacemaker is expected to debut on HBO Max in 2022.

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