Suicide Squad to Kill Off Major Team Member

Writer Tom Taylor has not been shy from killing off characters of the Suicide Squad since taking [...]

Writer Tom Taylor has not been shy from killing off characters of the Suicide Squad since taking over the series. Within the first five issues, six members of the titular team have met their end in one way or another along with countless others in their wake (the last issue alone saw two major deaths take place). Soon the series will take it to the next logical step and off one of its major characters as none other than Floyd Lawton himself, aka Deadshot, will meet his end in Suicide Squad #9. Set to arrive later this year, you can find the cover art for the issue below.

The preview of the episode comes via Screen Rant, which coincidentally marks the first time that Deadshot will die in the pages of DC Comics. It's slightly ironic given his long association with the group that he's never perished and been brought back to life in some form. That in mind, it's worth noting that the character's death could all be a smoke screen for the larger plot of Suicide Squad, as the team has now found themselves going up against none other than Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle and the recently revealed architect of the Suicide Squad.

Scheduled to be published in September, You can read the full solicitation for the "Death of Deadshot" issue below:

suicide squad #9 cover
(Photo: DC Comics)

Suicide Squad #9

  • Written by Tom Taylor
  • Art by Bruno Redondo
  • Variant cover by Travis Moore
  • This issue, it's the shocking death of Deadshot! The man who never misses has been on the front lines of Task Force X since its inception—bomb in his neck, gun in his hand. He's seen teammates blow up and countries fall. He's faced down heroes and villains alike. Now the Suicide Squad has one final mission: bring down the man who enslaved them, then put a bounty on their heads when they escaped: Ted Kord. But to finish the job, the world's deadliest assassin will have to do the one thing he's never done for the cause: die!
  • In stores September 22, 2020.

By the time that Suicide Squad #9 reaches stores later this year, DC will have been completely removed from the Diamond Comics distribution chain for months. You can read more about DC's decision to pull out of their long-standing agreement and what their plans are for getting comics and graphic novels to stores and readers by clicking here.