Suicide Squad Just Lost Another Teammate in Explosive Fashion

Tom Taylor's run on Suicide Squad has truly tapped into the spirit of what the series can be as he's wasted no time offing new characters. In the first four issues he'd already killed five members of the titular team, and the most recent issue of the series made sure to do it once again. Integral to Taylor's work on the series are the new recruits that have joined the team, a group of "international super-terrorists" known as The Revolutionaries, and yet another of their members has met their end in exactly the way many comic book readers expect members of the Suicide Squad to perish.

Spoilers for Suicide Squad #5 below!

Though Taylor broadcasts the death from the beginning, that doesn't make it pack any less of a punch on the narrative. The issue starts with the speedster of the team "Jog" talking about his life and how he's spent the entirety of it running, fitting since that's his meta-human abilities (unlike The Flash and others however, he is limited to short bursts of speed). Jog wraps it altogether in the opening pages opining on the age-old saying that you see your life flash before your eyes when you die. As the final pages of the issue show us, it's true.

In the issue the Suicide Squad returns from their mission of capturing Captain Boomerang and are confronted by their new leader, Lok, who demands that Deadshot kill Boomerang. The sharpshooter responds by shooting former teammate Zebra-Man, removing the forcefield around Lok and then terminating him. The Squad moves into action to stop the forces of Belle Reve with Jog tasked to grab all the detonation devices for each team members' explosive devices implanted in their heads. He mostly succeeds in this, but fails to grab just one, his own. As a result, the device goes off.

The death of Jog won't have been in vain though as the team now finds themselves free of their constraints and with a new target in their sights: None other than DC hero Ted Kord, revealed to be the mastermind behind this latest version of the Suicide Squad. He'll have to watch his back as Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and newcomers Osita, Fin, Deadly Six, Thylacine, Chaos Kitten, The Aerie, and Wink are coming for him.


Suicide Squad #6 is currently scheduled to be released on June 24. Its solicitation reads:

"The hunters have become the hunted! Task Force X is the world's most wanted-on the run from heroes and villains alike and no closer to taking down the puppet master who's been pulling their strings. But even if they go to ground, there's no hiding from the World's Greatest Detective, and it'll take every deadly trick in their playbook for the Squad to escape the wrath of Batman!"