Teen Titans GO! Crossover With The Powerpuff Girls

Teen Titans Powerpuff
(Photo: Cartoon Network)

Cartoon universes unite this June when the cast of Teen Titans GO! meets the Powerpuff Girls for the first time.

The teams are brought together by the mischief and general evil deeds of Mojo Jojo, who sets up shop in the Teen Titans neck of the woods. While they'll be joining forces to take down Jojo, that isn't to say there isn't a little friendly competition between the two squads. Though it might take both teams to convince Cyborg and Beast Boy to get over how cool a talking monkey is. The episode will also debut a new song called Monkey Army, which should invade the inner workings of your brain for a long time to come.

Powerpuff Girls Executive Producer Nick Jennings said about the upcoming team up (via USA Today): "Jump City will never be the same when our little superheroes Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup meet up with the Teen Titans for the very first time. When these two worlds of superheroes collide, it will surely be something to remember."

Aaron Horvath, Teen Titans GO! Producer added: "It's a really fun crossover that came about in a very organic way and it was really great getting to put these two iconic superhero teams together."


In addition to the crossover, fans can get more Titans and Powerpuff Girls this Monday, as both shows have two part episodes coming up. The Powerpuff Girls will center around Buttercup attempting to reign in her temper, which airs at 6pm ET/PT. Teen Titans GO! will have Starfire and Raven bringing in some reinforcements to save Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg from The Brain. Their episode airs at 6:30 ET/PT.