Titans Star Brenton Thwaites Teases "Goodbyes" in Season 3 Finale

DC's Titans has already been renewed for a fourth season on HBO Max, but that doesn't mean all of the fan-favorite characters from the series will make it out of Season 3. The upcoming showdown in Thursday's Season 3 finale will have real consequences for the series, with some characters potentially exiting the story by the episode's end. According to Titans star Brenton Thwaites, fans should prepare for some farewells at the end of Season 3.

While talking with TVLine about Thursday's season finale, Thwaites said that the titular team of heroes will be operating at their best in the fight to save Gotham, but that it will likely come at a high cost.

The actor said that the Titans will be "cooking with gas and really collaborating, working towards essentially the recapturing of Gotham and saving the people of Gotham." He went on to say, however, that "there will be some goodbyes at the end."

This doesn't necessarily mean that some characters on Titans will die in the finale. They could just simply opt to leave Gotham City and move on to a new stage of their life. That said, this team has already faced serious loss this season, and it wouldn't be surprising to see another casualty by the time the finale ends.

Fortunately, we do know that that Thursday's episode won't be the end of the story and most of the characters will be coming back for Season 4. The renewal was announced last weekend during DC FanDome

While Thwaites and everyone else on the Titans team didn't know for sure if Season 4 would happen, especially given the unknown that came with the move to HBO Max in Season 3, they felt optimistic about the show's future.

"The feedback from HBO Max and Warner Brothers and the producers was very positive, but obviously we had to wait for that feedback from the people watching the show," Thwaites explained. "We all felt pretty good about renewal, but it's a wild world out there, man. We had to wait and see if the COVID-ness of it all would raise the question of whether a Season 4 was worth it - and it turns out it is."

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