Watchmen's Mysterious Lube Man Has Finally Been Revealed

Tonight's season finale of Watchmen connected the narrative dots of the HBO series as well as tied up a lot of mysterious loose ends when it came to revealing the ultimate fate of Doctor Manhattan, Adrian Veidt, and closing the chapter on Angela Abar's story. However, there is one mystery the show introduced that didn't get cleared up directly in the finale episode. Instead, that answer came as most of the truly wild and interesting information about the Watchmen universe previous has had via the show's supplemental site, Peteypedia. The question? Who is the mysterious Lube Man -- and the answer is a wild one indeed.

Spoilers for the season finale of Watchmen, "See How They Fly," below.

Back in the fourth episode of the series, fans were briefly introduced to the weirdest masked vigilante type of the whole series when a man dressed in silver latex was chased by Sister Night only to cover himself in some sort of oil and slip into the sewer. He was quickly dubbed "Lube Man" and fans were desperate to find out who he was. The show itself didn't really answer that, however, new supplemental material on Peteypedia makes it pretty clear that Lube Man? He was none other than Agent Dale Petey himself.

Right as the episode was ending on Sunday tonight, the latest upload to Peteypedia hit. Entitled "MEMO: Dale Petey", the memorandum notes that Dale Petey was fired from the FBI "effective immediately" and that everything he had put together in the "Peteypedia" would be deleted from the server and the contents of the former agent's desk would be boxed up, though people could help themselves. Included in those effects it's noted is a "jug of what appears to be some sort of canola oil." The memo further goes on to note that the former agent is at risk for vigilante behavior -- and has since gone missing in Tulsa.

While the Peteypedia doesn't come directly out and say that Petey is Lube Man, it certainly strongly suggests it. However, ahead of the episode, Watchmen writer Jeff Jensen did tell CinemaBlend that Lube Man would make an appearance in the Peteypedia.


"I know what’s good for me, Nick, so I’m going to tell you that I refer all questions regarding Lube Man to my boss, Damon Lindelof. So I cannot comment on the fate and future of Lube Man," Jensen said. "All I would say is that when Damon pitched Lube Man in the room to us writers, we delighted in Lube Man the way that the audience has, although it has been something of a surprise to us how much he’s captivated people and inspired so many theories. The amazing effect that they created of him sliding into that grate on the side of the road and disappearing was so well done that like, I’m haunted by it as well. . . . I would say, to the Peteypedia of it all, you’ve read Petey’s attempt at summarizing the unsummarizable novel that is Fogdancing, and he seems to have articulated a version Fogdancing that, yeah, definitely has a lot of similarities to the person on the show that we call Lube Man. So I would definitely say that, whoever Lube Man is, he or she has probably read Fogdancing. That seems to be a definite connection. And then I would say that from a Peteypedia point of view, what I can definitely promise you is that Lube Man will definitely make an appearance in the season finale of Peteypedia. But whether he’s reflected in the [TV] finale, that is a question for Damon."

Considering that, at the time of this article's writing the Dale Petey memo is the only thing up for episode nine it's pretty clear: Dale Petey is Lube Man and he's out in Tulsa and in the wild. Long live Lube Man.