Wonder Woman 1984 Director Patty Jenkins Shares Epic Golden Eagle Motion Poster

With just 84 days to go until the release of Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics are ramping up the promotion for the upcoming film featuring Gal Gadot's return as Diana Prince. Brand new posters for the Wonder Woman sequel were just revealed to the public, showing Gadot brandishing the brand new Golden Eagle armor that she'll use to go up against Maxwell Lord in the upcoming movie. Now director Patty Jenkins revealed a brand new motion poster for Wonder Woman 1984 has revealed a new look at the Golden Eagle armor for the DC hero.

Check out the brand new motion poster for Wonder Woman 1984 below:

Gadot previously spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the importance of Wonder Woman's return, teasing that she'll mean much more to the world at large when she comes back from the sequel.

"I think that when I just started, I didn't understand the magnitude and how much this character means to people," Gadot said. "I was feeling like the little girl who's supposed to climb the Kilimanjaro mountain, scratching my head and thinking, 'How the hell am I going to do this?' But now I feel like I know where I’m going and I know what we're doing."

The actress went on to further explain Wonder Woman's connection to humankind and her role in the world.

"If in the first movie Diana didn't understand the complexities of mankind, now she completely understands it.... She loves people, and I think that's the key to this character, you know?" Gadot said. "She has the powers of a goddess, but she has the heart of a human."

Jenkins previously teased that the film taking place in the '80s allows Diana to thrive in an era that matches her sensibilities.


"It does have that fun pop," Jenkins reflected. "She was so great in such a great era and we do get to capture that. The only thing I can tell you is that it went really well, we just finished shooting, and yeah, the actors are incredible. We did a ton of the stuff on wires and it looks mind-blowing."

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently scheduled to premiere in theaters on June 5th.