Young Justice Producers Share Love For Legion of Super-Heroes

Young Justice: Phantoms has had some surprising inclusions this season. None more eyebrow-raising than the Legion of Super-Heroes. I sat down with Executive Producers and Showrunners Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman for In our discussion, they revealed their history with this beloved corner of the DC Comics universe. How long they've been planning for those rings to pop up in the show also came up. Viotti and Weisman absolutely love the Legion and are excited for newer fans to get their introduction as well. 

CB: "All right. So Legionnaire rings popping up? … Has this been in the plans the entire time? I love the kookier, older elements of the DC universe, so seeing the Legion is always a good time."

"I can't remember, honestly, if they were in from day one. I mean, I worked on The Legion of Super-Heroes series," Vietti began. "I was a director on he second season. And so it was, I think, always a goal of mine to work with them again, because I learned a lot about the Legion from that experience, and I just love the characters. And Greg, I honestly just can't remember if they were on the board from season one or not."

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Weisman added, "I don't think they were at the beginning of season one, but yeah, they popped in some point in our process. Certainly by season three we were planning them. I can't remember if they were a big part of our long term events back in season one, but at some point they came in."

His partner pointed out that they had been working on this show for a long time now. "Yeah. It's been 12 years now, so some of it all sort of blurs together. But yeah, I also wrote on Legion of Super Heroes TV show. I wrote an episode," Weisman revealed. "And I used to be an editor at DC Comics back in the '80s, so I go way back with the Legion. Even further back when you count my time as a reader. And so I've always loved the Legion. In particular Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen version, and The Great Darkness Saga and all those stories were just really seminal to me back in the day." 

"And so there's a lot of fan service in Young Justice, but the two fans that mostly serves are me and Brandon. So, if we love something it's going in the show, whether that's Wendy and Marvin from the Super Friends, or my passionate love for Black Canary, it's going to be there," he concluded.

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