Young Justice Phantoms: Season 4 Shocks Fans With First Two Episodes Now Playing on HBO Max

After the surprising revival and epic cliffhanger of Young Justice: Outsiders for its third season, DC Comics fans have been patiently waiting for news about the future of the series - and they were finally rewarded at DC FanDome. Not only has HBO Max released the first trailer for Young Justice: Phantoms. but DC has stealth released the first two episodes of the series and they are now available on the streaming service right now. With new episodes set to drop every Thursday beginning on October 21st, the shocking premiere of Young Justice: Phantoms could easily be one of the biggest surprises out of DC FanDome 2021. Watch the new trailer above!

In the new trailer, we see that the makeshift family of Miss Martian, Beast Boy, and Superboy embark on a dangerous off-world mission, leaving them to uncertain fates. We also see key scenes with Artemis, still operating as Tigress, and how she's confronting her past being raised by assassins as well as her relationship with villainous sister Cheshire.

It's been a while since we've heard about Young Justice: Phantoms; in fact, it was at last year's DC FanDome event in September 2020 when executive producer Greg Weisman spoke out about how production had been disrupted to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We're all working from home and, for the most part when it comes to the pre-production, the scriptwriting, the storyboards, design work - we've successfully transitioned to working at home," said Weisman. "It's not quite as much fun to not be in the office and not have everyone together. We used to record everyone together as much as possible in a room for the first three seasons. Every once in a while, there's someone who couldn't make a session. And that obviously has changed; everyone is mostly recording one at a time from their closets... But the fact is we're all pretty lucky working on the show."

After the series was initially cancelled by Cartoon Network after the second season, Young Justice later premiered on Netflix and became a hit for the streamer. This prompted Warner Bros. to consider reviving the series, finally debuting the third season about five years later on the DC Universe streaming service. The newest season, like other DC Universe original shows, will all premiere on HBO Max moving forward.

The first two episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms are now available on HBO Max. New episodes will premiere every Thursday.