Players Are Already Dominating the Super Mario Odyssey Retail Demo, And It's Bonkers

Though we’re still waiting approximately two weeks for Super Mario Odyssey to arrive for Nintendo Switch, that isn’t stopping some devotees from going out and dominating at the game.

While the full game isn’t available, there is a demo that can be played at a number of Nintendo Switch kiosks at retailers nationwide, including Target and Best Buy. Now, these kiosks are really meant for players to get an understanding of how the game works, and get them hyped for the release (as if this hearty review score wasn’t enough to do so).

However, some players are going the extra mile and actually spending extra time at the kiosk, in an effort to “speedrun” all the content that the demo has to offer. You can see one such speedrun in the video above, which was originally pointed out by Kotaku.

As you can see, the demo actually offers quite a bit of room to run around and experiment, whether it’s with Mario’s newfound jumping abilities, being able to use Cappy to reach new areas (he acts as a secondary platform), or even “possessing” certain objects within the environment, such as a Bullet Bill. But, surprisingly enough, it offers quite a few collectibles, including those precious Moons that can help Mario open up new levels within the game.

It really gives an idea of just how big the levels in the game are going to be, providing a number of routes that you can take when it comes to tracking down Moons and other hidden goodies throughout. And keep in mind that this is just from a demo – imagine what the full game will hold. Yep, quite a bit.

Still, it stuns us that some players are going the extra mile to capture this kind of footage and see what the demo has to offer. Kudos to Nintendo for providing the opportunity – and equal kudos to the store employees that let speedruns like this happen, instead of kicking these players off the machine and going about their business restocking all the copies of Shadow of War.

Super Mario Odyssey releases on October 27th for Nintendo Switch.