Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Story Mode Has Been Detailed


So, Dragon Ball FighterZ doesn’t just deliver a heaping amount of kick-ass fighting action for fans of the anime to enjoy, but it also has a great deal of substance, thanks to an in-depth story mode.

Of course, we already know about the involvement of Android 21, and Goku clones that intend to wreak havoc upon the world. But there’s more to it than that, according to a recent issue of V-Jump.

The team at Shoryuken have managed to break down the details of the story mode, which you can find below:

“V-Jump reveals that the Story Mode is actually split into three separate scenarios. The main scenario has you following Goku and the Z-Warriors, the second has you taking over Freeza’s body while the final scenario has the players linking up with Android 18. The Freeza scenario looks to be the dedicated “gag” scenario, while Android 18’s scenario has her exploring “hidden memories” about her past. This will no doubt delve into how she and 17 met Dr. Gero and maybe her link to the mysterious Android 21.

As for what you do in Story Mode, players hop around a world map, defeating enemies and gaining XP as you go. You can use XP to either unlock special Story Mode only skills or simply to level your characters up to the highest point. If you use certain characters for long enough, you can start to listen in on their inner thoughts and hear what they’re really thinking.”

So it sounds like there’s more to it than the usual “fight this guy, and then go to the next thing and fight this guy” structure, as you can actually unlock XP and get extra goods, while leveling up your characters. Obviously, if you prefer to just get into a fight, there should be a mode within the game that allows you to do that.

Oh, and one other neat fact – you’ll be able to break through the fourth wall and take control of these fighters in the story mode. So…that’s really cool!

Dragon Ball FighterZ will release in February 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.