Sledgehammer Games Reveals New Zombie For Call Of Duty: WWII – Just In Time For Halloween

Call of Duty: WWII is just six days away from release, and promises to return players to the glory days of World War II, like they remember from the earlier games in the series. But there will be a nice twist to this particular game, as the Zombies mode that’s featured in it will be possibly amongst the scariest yet.

We’ve already detailed the Zombies mode to great effect in the past, talking about how several Sledgehammer Games staff came over from Visceral Games to work on the series – and how their background with the Dead Space saga really helped out when it came to getting the most out of the mode.

Now, just days before the game’s release, Sledgehammer co-founder Glen Schofield has teased a new image for another zombie that will likely pop up in the mode, ready to ravage whoever it comes across. “WWII is back in less than 6 days!” he notes in the tweet. “Guess who’s ready for Halloween…”

You can see the image below, but it looks to be a heavily decomposed soldier with a bit of surgical modification to amp up his performance, based on the metal pipes that are embedded into his neck and his chin. Those eyes also have quite a piercing stare into someone’s soul, so maybe don’t hesitate to blow his head off before he jumps on you, yeah?

This is just one of the many terrorizing zombies that will be included in the mode, with different types available, according to the team. “Each zombie type fills a specialized role as well; there are flaming zombies and running zombies, for example, and they will give you serious problems if you get cornered,” they noted.

In the past, the team also discussed just how scary they’re trying to make the mode – allowing it to be more effective than previous Zombies modes in games. The team explained, “Many other stories have explored the biological, viral, infectious element of [zombies] and we wanted to see, what if these were zombies that were constructed? What if they were engineered and built as weapons as war? And then of course we've got this wonderful backdrop of World War 2 and military forces that might just do that sort of thing. We've had to really dissect the science of scaring somebody and try to deliver different types of fear potentially in different ways."

“I think this is, without a doubt, the scariest version of Zombies that you will have ever seen. We had some members of a certain professional sports team come through, and they were big fans of the zombie mode, and I was trying to be cool and show off the latest element that we just opened up. And so, I'm kind of half talking to them, half looking, and I turn around and a zombie busts out of the window right in front of me. I shriek like I'm 12 years old. That's the game we're making."

But while the mode will certainly be scary, Sledgehammer will make sure it’s accessible, so newbies shouldn’t be too scared. “We introduce and guide new players, but also cater to the hardcore Zombie fans as well. We’re offering new challenges and additional layers of gameplay. For players looking below the surface, there will be many secrets and rewards to uncover — beyond what they’d expect, actually. There will be no guide on that journey. Hardcore players will need to find their own path, their own way. Good luck!”

Call of Duty: WWII releases on November 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.