League of Legends Teases New PROJECT Skins

Several new PROJECT skins were teased during the League of Legends Finals in a brief video that hinted at which skins would receive the skins.

Unfortunately, the PROJECT teaser’s content was pretty cryptic and didn’t give much insight into the new recipients of one of the most impressive lines of skins in League. You’ll have to listen and watch closely to the preview above to discern any bit of information related to who’s getting the champion skins, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating on who the next PROJECT champions will be.

Some of the more common suggestions for who will be getting the skins include Jhin, Vayne, and Vi. When watching the teaser for the first time, it’s hard to place certain sounds and visuals with everything cutting back and forth in such a jarring way, but if you rewatch it with certain champions in mind, the three champions mentioned above seem much more likely. Each of them seem to match up with sound effects that are distinctly heard within the video, though you might not recognize them at first if you’re not too familiar with those champions.

Visuals in the teaser also appear to be in line with the PROJECT versions of the champions that are shown, the most notable similarity being what almost certainly appears to be a Jhin mask shown 13 seconds into the video. If that’s true, Jhin will be receiving his third skin this year pretty soon with the champion only being out since February 2016.

The teaser’s called PROJECT: Hunter as well, so that name also matches the themes of the three champions. Vi hunts crime, Vayne hunts evil, and Jhin is a serial killer who hunts down victims for the sake of his art, so they strongly fit the “hunter” vibe. It’s also been pointed out that the voice sounds somewhat like Sivir’s, an idea that would change the theory above if true.

A date of Nov. 22 was shown at the end of the trailer that’ll hopefully bring the reveal of the next PROJECT champions, but until then, the PROJECT merch that’s being revealed on Nov. 7 will have to hold League players over.