Nintendo Switch Getting Its First Video Streaming App

hulu switch

Since its launch in March, the Nintendo Switch has been celebrated for its fast and minimal OS. Some users, however, think that things are a bit too minimal. The Nintendo Switch is missing a few major apps that most of us have come to expect from a modern entertainment device; notably movie and TV streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. Today, in a press release detailing upcoming game releases, Nintendo quietly revealed that Hulu has been confirmed, and will be coming to the console imminently.

Even if you get all of Nintendo's press releases, you might have missed it. Buried beneath an entire list of exciting games releasing on Nintendo's family of consoles and handhelds is another entire list of smaller games coming out this week. Hidden on that list, neither at the top nor at the bottom, are those for four little letters: Hulu.

There is no additional information given in the release, and no specific release date, but it is grouped in with software set to launch "this week." We're assuming that means that we can look forward to Hulu coming to the Switch by the end of the weekend, but don't hold us to that. The press release also highlights "Hulu" as a clickable link, but the official listing on Nintendo's website doesn't seem to be up quite yet. You can bookmark it here if you'd like to check it out later.

With Hulu rolling out, we're assuming that Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube won't be far behind. Now that the Switch is starting to blow up we're assuming that these streaming services are going to want that extra user bump, so Hulu's launch on the Switch is likely to light a fire under its competition's butts.

Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated as soon as the app goes live.