Nintendo's Russian Twitter Account Teases Nintendo Direct Announcement

Nintendo Direct

We’re still waiting on pins and needles for Nintendo to confirm its next Direct special, in which it’s expected to announce its much-anticipated slate of Nintendo Switch and 3DS games for the first part of the year. But it appears that Nintendo of Russia has hinted that we could be getting an announcement soon enough.

According to Twitter user Pixelpar, the company’s Russian Twitter recently responded to a fan request regarding what’s happening with the next Nintendo Direct special. While it didn’t cofnrim it was happening, it did indicate that something was coming.

“Good afternoon!” the tweet reads. “Watch the news – expect something soon!” You can see the tweet below.

While this doesn’t 100 percent confirm the Direct special, it certainly beats nothing, and hints that the company has something big lined up – and hopefully we’ll find out in the next day or so, since the special will reportedly debut on the 11th.

We’ll keep you informed once Nintendo of America makes it official.