Dragon Ball FighterZ Taken Over by Sonic the Hedgehog in New Mod, It's Terribly Fantastic

Ah, modders. You can always count on them to bring the weird and they never disappoint regarding that expectation. With Dragon Ball FighterZ out now, why settle for the incredibly epic cast of fighters with the base game when you can having Sonic and pals go super Saiyan instead? At least, that was the logic of the person behind the latest mod to hit for the online game.

In the video at the top of the article, the modder behind the mashup shows the progression of the mod itself with Super Sonic and other skins being made available for the game. It's not the weirdest mod the blue guy has been featured in - remember, not too long ago he was in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as uh, as a motorcycle. At leat here he's just fighting to the death - no big.

There is still voice work needing to be done, a few fine tuning that needs to be made to the already impressive animation style seen in the progress update. Besides, who is going to argue with Sonic kickin' ass with a one-handed Kamehama? Not us, that I can assure you.

From a team effort with BeatzYT3, NibrocRock, _Mizumi, and SirGiygas, the mod itself isn't quite ready to be used at this time but it is in progress as seen in the video above and the the accompanying screenshots. We'll keep you posted for when they go live.

For more about Dragon Ball FighterZ:

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