Fortnite Players Are Not Impressed With ESPN's Victory Royale Tweet

A tweet from ESPN that attempted to cash in on the Fortnite craze appears to have left battle royale fans unimpressed.

ESPN’s tweet that was first reported on by Polygon came shortly after the Villanova Wildcats took a win from the Kansas Jayhawks in a Final Four match. In the tweet above, ESPN shared a video that featured three letters built in a style that was supposed to be modeled after Fortnite’s graphics, and once two of the letters exploded, only the “V” was left standing for Villanova.

The structure of the entire landscape in the video puts off some serious Fortnite vibes with the cartoonish features and the structures, but the part of the tweet that really put it over the edge for most viewers was the “#1 Victory Royale!” reference at the end. Perhaps that was meant to tie the whole video together, but judging from the reactions to the tweet, it was just a bit too much for many Fortnite fans to take.

Not long after EPSN’s video was tweeted, the responses to it immediately came pouring in, and you better believe that there were more than a few “fellow kids” references to be seen. From The Office’s Creed Bratton to the ever-popular Spongebob references, the responses to the video had a bit of everything.

It’s also been pointed out that the 3-pointer comparison doesn’t really hold up when comparing the basketball game to a Fortnite Battle Royale match. Fortnite players who have been around the map a few times have become accustomed to finding the golden chests that are packed with items and weapons. Supply drops, on the other hand, are much less common.


But even if this tweet may have missed the mark with Fortnite players, props to Epic Games and Fortnite for getting referenced in so many different ways. Athletes have already expressed their approval for Fortnite, and while gaming has always been mainstream in other forms of entertainment and culture, few games in recent memory have attracted as much attention as Fortnite’s been able. For those unaware, ESPN also covers the gaming sector as well with an esports division and does so quite well with coverage on games like League of Legends, Overwatch, and CS:GO.

More references like these are inevitable with how quickly the battle royale game continues to grow, but perhaps the next few will resonate a bit better with Fortnite players.