PUBG's Second Codename: Savage Map Test Starts Today

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is holding another test for the new 4x4 map called Codename: Savage that starts today.

After the first test took place days ago and allowed players to see the new map for the first time, PUBG Corp announced that a second beta period would take place to allow for further testing. This second test starts today on April 16 at 6 p.m. PT and will run until Wednesday.

“Starting early next week, Codename: Savage will come back for a second round of early access testing,” PUBG Corp announced last week.

Much like the first test, not every PUBG player can partake in this test. Keys will be distributed to allow players entry to the beta test, but you’ll have to sign up to receive one since the passes aren’t unlimited. Those who participated in the test last time won’t have to sign up again.

“Keys are limited, so hurry if you want to become a tester,” PUBG Corp continued. “If you already got a key for the CES last time around, you don’t need to sign up again—just use the same Closed Experimental Server launcher from last time.”

Even though the test starts today, there’s still time to sign up for PC players who haven’t yet gotten a key. The signup window won’t be closed until April 17 at 5 a.m. PT to allow players to catch the tail end of the test.

Players who already have a key can head to this site to authenticate the key and make sure everything’s in order for the second Codename: Savage test. The site gives the usual warning that players shouldn’t trust any keys that didn’t come straight from PUBG Corp while discussing the goal of the map and the beta test.


“This 4x4km Island map is our smallest map to date and will create a more intense much faster paced Battle Royale experience. We want to get this map in the hands of our players early so that we can get your feedback so that we can iterate and optimize to make it a great experience for everyone!”

A release date for the map on live servers hasn’t been announced.