'My Hero One's Justice' Previews Fighters With New Character Cards

Bandai Namco has started sharing new Character Cards for My Hero One’s Justice to preview the game’s fighters before its upcoming release.

To kick off the beginning of the Character Card reveals, Bandai Namco began with revealing the protagonist of My Hero Academia himself. Izuku Midoriya takes the spotlight in his character card that reflects his in-game appearance, though it doesn't appear that these Character Cards will explicitly be naming the characters' respective Quirks.

That first Character Card came just a day ago on May 1, and as Bandai Namco’s next reveal, it moved on to another character that even those who watched just a few of the beginning My Hero Academia episodes will recognize. Katsuki Bakugo was the second fighter that Bandai Namco revealed, a character who uses his explosive Quirk to blow enemies and structures to bits with his combustible sweat. In his Character Card, he’s seen using his signature Grenadier Bracers that allow him to channel his Quirk into some devastating attacks.

With the first reveal coming on Tuesday and the second one following just one day after, Bandai Namco appears to be establishing a one-a-day release pattern that it’ll hopefully maintain when revealing the rest of the characters. And if you’ve been keeping up with the ongoing news surrounding My Hero One’s Justice, you’ll know that there are many characters to be revealed. From heroes to villains, the game incorporates many of the series’ core characters, each bringing their own unique Quirks to the fray.


If the name of the game looks a bit off to you, you may have missed the announcement from Bandai Namco that changed the name of the fighting game for a Western release. Dropping the “Academia” portion of the title, those lokoing to buy the new My Hero Academia game should instead look for My Hero One’s Justice when it hits retailers’ shelves and online markets.

The date that buyers can expect to find the game through these retailers remains to be seen though. At this time, Bandai Namco hasn’t yet announced a release date for My Hero One’s Justice. What is known though is that the game will be releasing sometime this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and you can go ahead and pre-order it now through Bandai Namco’s site.