Report: "Exciting" Forza Motorsport 7 News Coming Next Week

forza 7

Things have been quiet on the Forza Motorsport 7 front lately, but it appears that's about to change.

Developer Turn 10 Studios has “exciting Forza Motorsport 7 news to share” next week during Inside Xbox on May 17th.

The pre-news reveal comes via Alan Wash, a notable player in the Forza community, who has a track record for being ahead of the curve when it comes to all things Forza.

In the wake of this reveal by Walsh, many fans rapidly began speculating what said “exciting” news could be. The most common theory is that Microsoft and Turn 10 will announce that the game will join Xbox Game Pass. While this seems like a slam dunk, Aaron Greenberg, GM and head of games marketing at Xbox, said back in January that Microsoft -- at the time -- didn't have any plans to add the racing sim to the service. While it's possible things have changed since then, it's probably best not to get too attached to the idea of the news being Games Pass related.

Other speculation has included a rally mode, full dynamic weather, and new expansion content. Whether any of this is on the mark or not, who knows. As the trite saying goes: only time will tell.

Forza Motosport 7, which launched last October, is available on PC and Xbox One. You can read more about the tenth installment in the iconic racing series below:

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