League of Legends' Clash Mode Starts Next Week

League of Legends’ new biweekly tournament mode called Clash is finally ready to hit the Rift when it starts next week on May 25.

After multiple rounds of PBE testing and a live beta or two, Clash is now ready to be opened to all players. With an interactive page erected for the game mode that walks League of Legends players through how it works, Riot Games said that the tournament would begin on May 25 and will run every two weeks. Players will need a ticket to participate in the tournament, as those who have followed its development will know, but Riot has one waiting for you at the end of this walkthrough.

The way that Clash works allows for players to have a more competitive experience akin to the way that pros play with brackets, opponent scouting, and more. To start, you’ll have to build a team that’ll compete throughout the weekend’s tournament. You can draft players from any rank to be on your team, but be warned that it’ll average the skill matchmaking out to account for differences. If you’re a Bronze player who stacks your team with Diamonds, you’re going to be in for a challenge. Clash is also only open to those who have a rank in any Summoner’s Rift queue and are at least Honor Level 2, so you’ll have to meet those requirements before going any further.

After choosing a name and building your team, you’ll each have to submit one of the tickets that you’ll get for free during the walkthrough. These are your entry requirement to ensure that Clash remains competitive, so outside of this free one, you’ll have to purchase them with Blue Essence or Riot Points. Once the teams are set, you’ll get to see the most-played champions of your opponents within your brackets along with the opposing players’ stats. Your team can use this info to ban and plan accordingly with the ban phase following a similar structure to the one seen in the LCS. The brackets expand the further you progress with better rewards earned along the way.


Aside from bragging rights, Clash also includes plenty of rewards for victorious players. Clash Orbs are guaranteed upon ticket entry and include anything from Blue Essence to Ultimate skin shards. You’ll also earn trophies and Victory Points, the latter being a resource that’s used to unlock Banners for your Summoner’s Rift Games and your profile.

Clash starts on May 25, but you can go ahead and start assembling your team on May 21.