Daemon x Machina Announced For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo started off its Direct special with a bang today, launching with a new trailer for Marvelous’ action-packed mech game Daemon x Machina, which will launch for the system sometime in 2019.

The game features some pretty intense mech action. We’re talking like Virtual On bumped up to a level of 11 as you rampage your way through a world filled with dangerous enemies, using special lock-on weaponry and blasters to obliterate your foes.

Daemon x Machina’s anime style is truly something special, featuring a smooth animation style, slick looking explosions and more.

The game will feature a producer from the legendary team behind Armored Core, so it’ll have some great expertise behind it.

Expect a great deal of variety as well, with robots both big and small, and some slick precision controls that make it easy to target larger enemies’ weak points. It looks like you’ll have some charging techniques as well, so you can move in with a quick strike before getting back to shooting. You can also attack both on the ground and in the air.


We don’t have too many other details at this time, but those of you who thrive on games like Virtual On or even the more recent Gundam titles will be in for a treat.

Daemon x Machina will release in 2019 for Nintendo Switch.