Final Fantasy Brave Exvius 'Just Cause 3' Themed Event Revealed

If you've been playing the charming mobile title Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, then you know that it's no stranger to crossovers. I mean, come on - even Ariana Grande made an appearance, so clearly anything goes. But it's not just outlandish crossovers that players can enjoy, but fellow Square Enix properties as well. That's why the recently announced Just Cause 3 event is such a cool addition, because it falls under the same umbrella. Now, players can have the best of both worlds in adorable SNES-fashion.


Rico Rodriguez himself joins the fight alongside other familiar faces from Just Cause 3. Teo, Annika Svennson, and Mario Frigo have all been added as well in true Sprite form. Mario, Annika and Rico can be summoned traditionally, whereas Teo is a specifically a raid summon - you know, for those curious.

According to the magical-esque story description from Square Enix:

The hopes and dreams of
legendary warriors given life.

A world of crystals and the visions that slumber within.

Harnessing the power of the crystals,
mankind prospered, nations flourished.
But just as day gives way to night,
that era of peace proved but a fleeting illusion.

Now, as their world stands on the precipice
of ruin, two young knights summon visions
to their side as they strike out on a journey
to chase the shadows.

So begins a new tale of crystals,
and the heroes who would save them..."


The adventure is available on both Android and iOS devices, for free, allowing fans to get even more out of their love for Final Fantasy while we all not-so-patiently wait for more details to emerge about the Final Fantasy VII Remake that we can't help but to get our hopes up for.

What do you think about all of the crossover events that Final Fantasy Brave Exvius brings to the table? What has been your favourite one so far? Sound off with your favourite moments in the comment section below, and while you're at it - go ahead and share what you'd like to see the next big crossover be in future updates!