Founders & Legends Day Celebrates 'Dungeons & Dragons' for Charity

The son of Dungeons & Dragons' co-creator is teaming up with Wizards of the Coast and several other partners for a celebration of the game, and to raise money for a good cause.

Dungeons & Dragons announced "Founders & Legends Day," a special streaming event organized by Luke Gygax. Gygax is the son of D&D's co-creator Gary Gygax and the founder of Garycon, a major convention founded to honor Gygax's many contributions to tabletop gaming. Founders and Legends Day is a celebration of the women and men who pioneered tabletop gameplay, and will feature a discussion between Gygax and host Satine Phoenix about the origins of the game and its current resurgence into popular culture. The event will also feature three different D&D adventures, all of which will be streamed live on Dungeons & Dragons' Twitch page.

The event will also serve as the beginning of D&D's annual Extra Life charity campaign. Each year, D&D organizes streaming shows to benefit Extra Life, a charity that raises money for Children's Miracle Network Hospital. This year, D&D is hoping to raise $150,000 for the charity, starting with the adventures streamed during Founders & Legends day.

Founders & Legends Day will feature three different adventures. The first will is a classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure run by Dwarven Forge co-founder Stefan Porkorny. Maze Arcana's Satine Phoenix will dungeon master the second adventure, and the finale will be run by D&D Franchise Creative Director Mike Mearls.


Dungeons & Dragons is also bringing a mix of celebrity and livestream guests for the special event. Guests include Justice League actor Joe Manganiello, Deadpool actor T.J. Storm, musician Jason Charles Miller, Girls, Guts, Glory DM Kelly Lynn D'Angelo, Nerdist host Amy Vorpahl, and Maze Arcana co-creator Ruty Rutenberg.

You can donate to D&D's Extra Life campaign here, or sign up to organize your own streaming game to help D&D reach its goal. The full streaming event will run on July 28th, starting at 10 AM PT.