Unofficial PlayStation 4 Theme Celebrates Huge 500 Million Milestone

Sony recently unveiled their gorgeous PlayStation 4 Translucent Pro system earlier this month to celebrate over 500 million units sold across generations. It looks like the powerhouse company isn't the only one celebrated this impressive feat as one fan-made theme arrives to join in on the festivities!

You can see the unofficial PlayStation 4 theme in action with the video at the top of the article. According to the theme's creator, Truant Pixel, LLC: "We received countless requests to do a PS1 theme after the release of the Legacy Dynamic Theme last year, but the concept was tricky, as the original PlayStation GUI was fairly spartan and not as memorable as the consoles that succeeded it. The concept of the translucent specialty console provided inspiration: turn the theme into a love letter of sorts to the machine that started it all, with attractive viewing angles and contextual cutaways that highlight the console’s form related to its function."

It's not hard to see how fluid this looks and it's a very appropriate blend of old school flare mixed in with the modernization of this generation. It's also a perfect way to reflect back on our time with PlayStation, especially since talks of the PlayStation 5 are in full swing as of late.

So how does this theme work, exactly? Truant explained, "This fully functioning concept runs stable on a standard PS4, and is presented as a raw capture from our dev kit. It features high fidelity visuals and interactive cutaways, in addition to the HD recreation of the iconic boot sequence."


In its current state, the entire theme is meant to "hide" the UI layer to show off the intended effect of a boot cycle. Looks pretty sweet right? Well, yeah - in theory, but the creator was very clear when he mentioned that it is highly unlikely that this theme will ever see actual release. For now, it's a passionate fan project designed to share one fan's love with the world in a time where the brand of PlayStation celebrates a huge milestone since their inception.

This company has made other incredible dynamic themes as well, all unofficial, including an amazing Kingdom Hearts tribute. You can see more at the official Truant Pixels YouTube channel here.