All the Marvel Netflix Easter Eggs in Marvel's Spider-Man

It should be no surprise that given its ecstatic reviews and the minutia-minded nature of comic book fans, somebody has already started trying to put together a master list of Easter eggs found in the just-released Spider-Man video game.

One Reddit thread is dedicated specifically to the heroes of the Marvel/Netflix universe, and how they are represented in the game...although, as commenters note, some of the references are of things that exist in the comics but have not yet appeared in the TV series.

ThatGameBoy76 pointed out the following list of references:

  • Nelson & Murdock (the law firm of Matthew Murdock/Daredevil & Franklin “Foggy” Nelson)
  • Josie’s (Matt & Foggy’s favorite bar)
  • Fogwell’s Gym (where Matt’s father trained)
  • Clinton Mission (the church where Matt’s mother works)
  • Alias Investigations (workplace & residence of Jessica Jones)
  • Rand Corporation (company owned by Danny Rand/Iron Fist)
  • In the side mission “Spider-Men”, the fake Spider-Man said that he trains at Chikara Dojo, which is the dojo owned by Colleen Wing.

While so far, nobody has spotted a proper Luke Cage/Power Man reference, some commenters noted that there is a "Hero For Higher" trophy that players can obtain by going to the top of Avengers Tower.

User jerkbank also pointed out that the game features a Roxxon skyscraper, the oil company featured prominently in Cloak and Dagger. The company, which figures prominently into Iron Man's comic book backstory, first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Iron Man. It has been seen or referenced in all three Iron Man movies and on TV's Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Cloak & Dagger.


Given the interconnected nature of the Marvel Universe, it is sometimes difficult to know whether any given Easter egg is meant to evoke another character, or just reference an event from Spider-Man's comic book, movie, or video game past.

There are plenty more references in the game, from Spider-Man's black costume (setting up Venom for a prospective sequel, perhaps?) to J. Jonah Jameson's ranty podcasts.

On that last one, who doesn't want to have a side mission to deal with the Nazis made of bees? We know we sure do.