Dr. Disrespect Livestream Captures Shots Fired Into Home

UPDATE: The Blast has provided an update on the Dr. Disrespect situation:

ORIGINAL STORY: Twitch streamer Dr. Disrespect isn’t afraid to take the competition to folks in video games. But it sounds like someone attempted to go after him in real life...and on more than one occasion.

During his recent session with the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta, Disrespect heard noises and stepped away for a few seconds from the stream, leaving fans wondering what was up. He then suddenly came back, noting that he was ending the stream and someone had shot at his house.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I...I gotta end the broadcast right now,” he said. “Someone shot at our house. Broke the f**king upstairs window.”

But what’s even more startling is that this isn’t the first time that such an incident has happened. “This is the second shot...someone shot yesterday at our house. And someone shot again just now and connected with the house upstairs” before the stream cut off. You can see the clip for yourself above.

It doesn’t appear that anyone was harmed by the shots that were fired, though in the video you can make out someone yelling in the background, possibly Disrespect’s wife. (It sounds like the gunfire can be heard as well.) All of them are safe, however. Following the stream, a statement on the page read, “Doc and Family Are Safe, Proper Measures are be taken while stream is down for the day.”

There’s no word yet on whether Dr. Disrespect has spoken to authorities on the shootings, nor is there any word from Twitch on the matter. But this is yet another scary situation where streamers seem to be getting someone’s ire, either with their fame or their ego.


Dr. Disrespect hasn’t returned to his channel since the shooting took place yesterday, but we’ll let you know if we hear any updates.

This isn’t the first time that someone has shown ire towards a video game player. Earlier this summer, a “swatting” incident surrounding Call of Duty players resulted in the death of an innocent man, resulting in charges for the duo responsible for the call.